Let there be a tablet. I think you are going to like it.

learnpad2It was an arduous task to write a tender document for the One Tablet Per Child initiative that would give our education community a tool that could help achieve a number of educational objectives. Four different companies, offering five different products, submitted their bids. The adjudication of these documents was exhausting but meticulously and scrupulously done. It was not devoid of some heart stopping challenges. Finally the adjudication committee came up with the top product that will be distributed to teachers during the coming September in-service training.

The chosen solution that has been uniquely designed for education is LearnPad. LearnPad is an award winning classroom tablet which will provide most of our needs for a successful implementation in the classroom. As an educator I would say that the most important thing for me is not the hardware in itself but what it can do for me and my students in terms of the teaching and learning intentions. The device offers classroom control and supervision which would be one of my major concerns in the classroom. The provided software makes monitoring simple and allows you as a teacher to connect to and interact with your learners while they work. LearnPad offers the possibility of remotely viewing your students’ work in order to quickly monitor the progress they are doing on a given task or assess their level of comprehension.

In the next couple of days I will explore this device and give more details on what to expect from the applications that are going to be installed on the LearnPad.


Image http://www.tcsnc.org/Page/2849



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