Fast changing world

teacherinreadingclassI am sure you want to be a relevant teacher in the 21st Century. You have a key role to play in what is called digital literacy. Please refer to the booklet Digital Literacy which was aimed to make us aware of what digital literacy is all about. One of the competences described in the document is about finding reliable, quality information in an online world. There is a role to play in helping young people in any subject to find reliable information and use good judgement in an online world.

Being relevant in this century also means empowering the teacher. You must be empowered to take risks and be prepared to be wrong. I believe that you, the teacher who faces the classroom everyday, as professionals must lead change and design school policies that cater for your particular environment. I believe that we need more than recognition of distributed leadership and use of your expertise by the SMT. You as a professional must take an active role and contribute to leadership in your own school. As an exercise why don’t you try your hand with a further document that I would like to propose to you? Download Positive BehaviourV1.0. This is a guideline document about positive behaviour in a digital environment. You can design your own school policy on this matter. Adapt it to your needs or adopt it as it is if it fits your circumstances. I have given you the box to either stay within it if it fits you, or think out of the box and design your own policy. The basic parameters are very simple: protect the child first then protect yourself.

I would like to finish off this series of logs about change with just two points:

The_Original_Apollo_13_Prime_Crew_-_GPN-2000-0011661 Big dreams or vision statements do not need big budgets. The Apollo missions to that took mankind to the moon and back cost NASA and the American taxpayer billions of dollars. Then came Apollo 13. At one point the situation on their way to the moon became life threatening and the only solution that Huston, ground control, could offer the three astronauts was, “Work with what you have!”



2 In technical drawing I used to teach that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line (which basically is a geometry concept). But there is a different answer if you bend the rules. Bend the piece of paper with the two dots touching each other and the shortest distance between two points is when they touch each other. When we change the thinking, we can change the rules and we can change the solution.



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Ilmicrofono Oggiono students-in-class-with-teacher-reading
Apollo 13 crew photo. Left to right: Lovell, Mattingly, Haise
Effnheimr A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting.#DoctorWho #JonPertwee #GeekArt #NerdArt

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