Making your life easy

QRcodeLearnPad is an an education-focused tablet. It supports an array of existing content and applications. There are a number of apps that come with the tablet, some of which you will be enjoying during the in-service training. We have made a couple of basic demands on the company AVANTIS; one is to keep things as simple as possible as we know that the classroom is a busy place and the other is not to overwhelm you and inundate you with a wide array of apps. The apps have been chosen to facilitate your work and will make it easier for you to get acquainted with their use. You will be free to choose and use the ones you are most comfortable with. Eventually we will add more apps as you get more acclimatised to the tablet environment.

The tablets will come with a mobile device management system and a classroom management system. Avantis are working at the moment to align the tablets’ capabilities with the infrastructure of our schools. But do not worry about the technical bits as these will be as transparent as possible. Again apart from the request for simplicity we asked that the teacher be released from any technical burden so as to focus on what you do best: teach.

As part of the device management, a school’s entire supply of LearnPads can be monitored and managed from a central, web-based interface, allowing administrators and network managers to swiftly and inconspicuously ensure that the needs of the curriculum are being met in each classroom. This does not mean that teachers will be monitored in some way. In fact they will not. Let me repeat that: teachers’ use of the tablet will not be monitored. Our aim is to see that students make progress over time and this can be done through the tracking systems that come with some apps that will be used. Since the solution is made for schools, it should make our lives easier and more manageable. One example is the Quick Response (QR) code that learners will be able to scan once they enter the classroom. Through the QR code learners can immediately see the lessons loaded for that moment. But that is only the beginning.


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