A Reading App for the OTPC

Dear parents and guardians, the One Tablet per Child project is now entering its third year and it is our pleasure to add another app to the tools that are available to your children. The new app is a reading programme called Scholastic Literacy Pro. Literacy Pro offers a path to create successful readers and is based on three basic pillars: assessment, information, and development. This app makes testing meaningful and actionable. It has a fast and accurate in-built test which measures the reading progress of the child. The gathered information and insights help the teacher to better understand the students’ needs and facilitate reading development. Finally, it provides an individualised reading plan that motivates students to read more and improve their performance as their progress is tracked.

This is what you need to do in order to help and support your child to read during the summer holidays:

literacy proStep 1: select the Literacy Pro icon on the LearnPad. The Digital Literacy Directorate has also put this icon in the summer lesson for easier access.   1 entry1Step 2 (State schools only): enter the username and password e.g. Username>romina.tanti@ilearn.edu.mtPassword>Eagle
1 entry2Step 2a (non-state schools only): Church and Independent schools will be directed to this page, from where you select the school.   1 entry3Step 2b (non-State schools only): enter the username and password you use at your school. If you cannot get through this stage you will need to contact your school.
 2click hereDo not worry if you get this warning. Click here will get you through.  
1 entry4Step 3: Once the child’s credentials are accepted, they are welcomed to the dashboard and they are ready to go. Select Literacy Pro to get started.   1 entry5Step 4: The Literacy Pro dashboard is the next step. A few steps are required before the child starts reading.
1 entry6Step 5: Click the LitPro Test to get the book level from the library. This is called the Lexile level. Click the Let’s Get Started button. Do not worry! This is not a test that the child has to prepare and study for.   1 entry7

Step 6: Take a few minutes to read the instructions before starting the evaluation. Click the Let’s Get Started button.


1 entry8Step 7: the child will be asked a few questions as practice before the actual evaluation.   1 entry9Step 8: The next questions will determine the book level for the child. Click the Go On button.
1 entry10Step 9: Short paragraphs are presented to the children and they have to decide on the best answer. They have the possibility of skipping three paragraphs. 1 entry11Step 10: After several paragraphs, the children are presented with their reading Lexile level. Now click the Create Reading List button for the programme to create a suggested list of books.
1 entry12Step 11: The reading level (Lexile) is assigned and the student is asked about his or her interest.   1 entry13Step 12: Students can select up to three interests. Click the Create My Reading List button. The programme will then suggest a reading list.
 1 entry4Step 13: Move back to My Zone and click the Literacy Pro LIBRARY icon.    1 entry15Step 14: Almost all ready to go. Click BOOKS to get to the library of suggested books at the reading and interest level of the user.
1 entry16

Click on any book to start reading.





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