You have been called to make a difference

woman readingTen years ago I would have said technology is the future. Now, technology in the classroom is the present and it will stay there to stimulate and engage the learners. Using the PCs in class has sometimes given problems, where the learners got off track, and you may have found them wandering about the Internet where they were not supposed to be or simply got lost. The tablets that we are going to introduce will give total control to you as a teacher and you will know what each of your learners is doing at any given time. (More about this in another blog.)

How will you engage your students in meaningful learning experiences using technology, creativity and passion? You will have an ever present tablet in your classroom together with other tools that you have been using for some time. You will need to see that all your students receive the time, attention and care they deserve. In this way your students will develop responsibility, curiosity and a love of learning. I believe that you are extraordinary teachers, professionals who will fully embrace the tablet solution in your classroom. I am sure that throughout the years you have surrounded your students with the tools to succeed, whether that is an interactive board, pen and paper and in a few weeks time, a tablet. We will help you to weave all these tools together into a seamless, meaningful learning experience for your students, from small group learning activities focused on learning outcomes to creating and implementing strategies using multiple digital tools for all the students to access the curriculum.

I encourage you to let your passion drive you once more in each and every day. Please remember why you became a teacher. You have been called to make a difference in your students’ lives. I am positive we can do it together. image labeled for noncommercial reuse


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