Delete one-size

IWBWill we ever do away with whiteboards, markers and erasers in favour of wireless network and mobile technology? If we embrace the digital learning concept, we will revolutionise the way we work. Technology can give us the necessary tools to tailor our projects, lessons and classes to individual needs. There are resources that challenge our high flyers while other resources can support the needs of students who are struggling. It is important for schools everywhere to keep pace with changes in the digital age. Students are more likely to be engaged and study when they can use interesting apps to help them. Experts agree that integrating online activity into the curriculum is an educational approach with a future (a reason why I have been a constant supporter of eTwinning over the years; more on this in a future blog). I believe that technology has the potential to turn a 1950’s classroom into a 21st century learning hub.

However, it is not about removing the traditional tools to make way for the digital ones. It is more of doing away with one-size fits all lecturing mentality and acknowledging that technology can help us reach and cater for individuals. Digital education is about personalised learning. It is about addressing collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking among other important competences.

Have a look at an interesting example at:

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