Learners need role models.

no role model

Most students will associate tablets with gaming, leisure and other social activities and will not see what benefits the 1 to 1 environment will bring to their education. They are not used to use technology in the classroom. Many will see it as a hindrance and a distraction. A few will use it inappropriately, releasing bullying and other bad behaviour from the confines of school.

But technology also presents us with a number of opportunities. We can use communication tools to network and learn from other peers (example eTwinning). Technology supports teachers in passing on their knowledge to students (try the flipped classroom technique). It adds a new dimension to the process of feedback.

Let us face the challenges together. We must not deprive our learners of models of appropriate behaviour. If children do not get in touch with proper models they will only have themselves and each other as role models. We should not accuse children of not behaving appropriately online when it is our job all along to educate them. Learners need you desperately.


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