Computers will never replace good teachers.

Directorate for Digital Literacy and transversal skills.

Vision statement: Empowering learners to succeed as global digital citizens.

Computers will never replace good teachers. I have always said that teachers are the most important element in education. It is the caring and passionate modelling of teachers in a strong digital curriculum that will help learners succeed as global digital citizens.

The classroom is one environment in which our learners can learn how to safely tackle the information on the Internet. Mitchell Kapor describes getting information off the Internet like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. So our learners need excellent teachers who can show them how to surf the flood of information, discover and differentiate between fact and fiction while efficiently manage the digital overload.

Tablets in our schools, provide the teacher with the possibility of transforming lecturing to the whole class into small groups or individualised teaching. The teacher has additional opportunities to address higher order thinking skills while learners can create artefacts to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of what is happening in their environment.

The home is another environment that must help the teacher. Our learners must get enough sleep, play, family routines, conversation, social time and exercise. Parents or guardians must create unplugged times of day and zones of the home, prioritising family time and play, and having rules like no devices during meal times. Parents must model this behaviour in their home and outside.



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