The State of Digital Education (part 4)

open-learnAnother principle which has guided the department for digital literacy is open learning.

Open learning can be defined as looking at open education resources, open practice, open leadership, and in some cases open assessment. But for the department, the biggest thing about open learning is sharing. Sharing what you know with others, collaborating and changing the way you think and learn as a result of your interactions with others.

positive-behaviour2We see open learning as dealing with what the learners want when they want it and where they want; At a pace that suits their needs. So last year we published another policy document which should guide schools in developing their own policy on positive behaviour in an online environment. The policy goes into detail on various aspects of online safety such as the use of email, social media, BYOD, cyberbullying, data protection and copyright issues.

These two documents will be wrapped up in the National digital strategy which is based on the EUs digital competences for organisation framework. Digicomporg. And also digicomp for teachers.


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