Ms Rose Anne Camilleri describing eTwinning during the Embed and eTwinning awards ceremony

I have been eTwinning’s legal representative for the past few years now. Although I have never been an eTwinner, as those who get into eTwinning usually call themselves, I have come to believe that eTwinning is an excellent tool that promotes collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication, digital citizenship and character education. In a few words it is one of the best tools that you educators have to engage your students and get them involved in their learning. eTwinning has the potential to transform teaching and learning as it offers a platform to reach other educators across Europe and to continue your professional development through networking and training. Through participating in eTwinning, your school will be able to:

  • enrich learning and motivation of pupils (aged between 3 and 19) and staff
  • access high quality professional development and ready-made resources
  • raise standards across the whole school community
  • gain recognition for your commitment through eTwinning awards.

Tatyana from the Capital City Academy in London says that if everyone in the world did eTwinning there would not be so much moaning about going to school. While Jacob from the same academy says that the world would definitely be a happier place because it is all about connecting, networking and meeting people. He says that the key underlying objective is to be understanding and the best way to understand people and who they are and what they have to say is through language.

There are numerous positive experiences from all over Europe about eTwinning similar to that of Tatyana and Jacob and to see how some teachers see eTwinning have a look at

In the meantime allow me to introduce to you the new eTwinning National support service coordinator for Malta Ms Rose Anne Camilleri who shares with us her vision of eTwinning. But before continuing I would like to thank Mr Emile Vassallo Malta’s first eTwinning coordinator, his successor Ms Jeanette Cardona and until a few weeks ago Ms Amanda Debattista and Ms Jacqueline Frendo who all promoted eTwinning to their best of their abilities and resources.

Rose Anne Camilleri: My concept of eTwinning in a nutshell

“My vision is that of marrying eTwinning and digital literacies seamlessly.  eTwinning is a platform for digital literacies to take form and to be put into contexts which make sense.


Why eTwinning?

Through technology our world has been changing and in an ubiquitous manner. 21st century skills such as collaboration, creativity and use of technology enable a more active role in society and boost employability. It is thus our duty as educators to provide the opportunities and skills to students, which allow for active participation. Constructing and re-defining their own learning. eTwinning provides the environment for such skills to flourish in a natural way through interaction, communication, collaboration with other partners in various countries.  eTwinning breaks barriers both between students and between educators who can also collaborate with other educators, enhancing and transforming their pedagogy professional development.

Global education including intercultural awareness and tolerance are taught within context as students communicate with other students with diverse realities, cultures and religions and yet share the same basic needs.  How better to teach solidarity and not to discriminate than to bring the students together by working on a project and sharing information, resources, ideas etc….

eTwinning belongs to everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, to both students and educators, of all academic levels and needs, cultures and religions in other words it is fully inclusive.”  


3 thoughts on “eTwinning?

    • Thanks Joan, being appreciated by a teacher of your experience means a lot! You teach me so much I feel that it is you who supports me too!! That’s why sharing means so much we learn as well as inspire each other.


  1. Great blog and it summarises my opinions on Etwinning collaboration very well. I’ve always found eTwinning to be one of the most profound ways of reflecting on what educational culture means to me and each time my pupils have taken part in projects, it’s automatically made a difference in how they perceive their own situations just by being able to compare and contrast.


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