It’s time for some FAQs

Q. What type of tablet are Year 4 students going to have?
A. The tablet used will be the WorkBook LearnPad, which is an Android-based device. It comes equipped with an Intel quad-core processor, high performance AC Wi-Fi, front and rear cameras, high definition display, 32GB of on-board storage and access to the ClassConnect portal for total device management and control. Plus it’s lightweight.

Q. Will all year 4 students get a tablet?
A. All year 4 students in state, church and independent schools will receive one. The roll-out starts in December, but teachers have been handed one already so they can familiarise themselves with it. The students will keep the tablet for a period of up to three years.

Q. What happens if it’s broken or stolen?
A. There is a process that will be communicated to all users in due course during meetings when we explain to them the acceptable use policy. Parents will be contacted in the coming days. We have 36 meetings scheduled in the mornings, evenings  and on Saturdays.

Q.What kind of apps does it have?
A. The available apps are mostly open ended apps that can be used for many subjects. The tool will not look like the usual tablet with apps that will teach Maltese grammar for example but apps that can be used during a Maltese lesson but it can also be used for English. That is why we  all them open ended. The chosen apps are for productivity and not drill and practice apps. It must be understood that the tablet is an educational tool and will be used during lessons. We have prepared more than 350 lessons across subjects and the tablet will be totally controlled by the teacher.

Q. Will the tablet be used continuously during lessons?
A. The tablet is not the be-all and end-all of digital education. It’s just a tool that the educator can refer to when needed. Through the professional teacher’s guidance, the tablet however gives the child the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere.

Q. How will it decrease the weight of books in schools?
A. It is envisaged  that over time heavy books will give way to their “zero grams” version as ebooks.

Q. Why year 4 students? and not 3 or 5?
A. This is a political decision. Next year year 5 and the year after year 6 will have the tablet.

Q. What about internet? Will each year 4 class be connected through wi-fi?
A. Internet will be available in all year 4 classes via Wi-Fi.

Q. What about privacy? How can I be sure my child doesn’t have access to inappropriate content?
A. We have provided the safest way to control websites. We have opted for white listing only. That is the browser can only access websites that are approved by MEDE.

Q. What type of learning will take place through this device?
A. The main focus will be literacy and numeracy but eventually extended to other subjects.

Q.Will the tablet given remain at their end for the following scholastic years?
A. The tablets will be kept by the student for year 5 and then year 6.

Q. Where can I find more information about the tablets?
A. For more information go to:
1 and
2 or
3 and enter as a parent/guardian using your username and password or as a guest username guest, password guest.

Image by Wiertz Sébastien and labelled for noncommercial reuse.


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