workspaceAnother app that will be discussed during the training sessions is also easy to use. WorkSpace allows the learner to create pages with drawings, text and images. Project files can be saved and shared which opens up great opportunities for interactive activities. Simple gestures will change the colour of the drawing tool, its thickness or erase the drawing altogether. Learners can use either use their finger or the stylus that comes with the tablet. In her training video, Hannah gives some classroom examples. She says that the LearnPad can be used to teach phonics to the children. You can build phoneme frames with accompanying images as seen in sparklebox to encourage the learners to sound out and spell words. This can be done in both Maltese and English. Ordering and sequencing numbers in mathematics is as easy as pie when using the selector tool. More sophisticated activities can be created by collecting your own images and creating a sorting activity. The learner can begin by sorting the images provided by you and then move on to create their own sorting game using the camera on the tablet to record examples from their environment.

The WorkSpace is an unsophisticated tool that can stretch your students without overburdening them with a lot of technical stuff.

So,e while asking JFK’s pardon, ask not what the app can do for you, but what you can do with the app. Start from the learning objective that you want to reach then decide which tool is best to use to achieve that outcome. Does a particular app help you reach your target more efficiently? Does it help make your teaching clearer? Does it offer you more possibilities than if you did not have technology? And remember that the tablet may not be the best solution. “The last thing we want to see is the tablet used for everything.” (D.M.)

Furthermore, each project created in the WorkSpace environment can be saved or handed in to the ClassCloud which allows the editable project file to be added as a resource to a lesson profile for the learners to access and interact with, but above all it can be shared. Passing on content, material and resources to your learners is the traditional way of doing things and should be continued because it has a place in our teaching and learning. However, we need to encourage sharing among learners and sharing among educators as sharing means that you are not alone and it makes life real.


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