From enhancement to transformation.


LearnPad3Enhancing a lesson with technology is like saying let’s do the same thing, but do it better. There is nothing wrong with that and I am all for improvement. But what if we could do things better by doing things differently? This for me is the answer to some of our difficult questions about how we can improve education. Doing things better but differently means being innovative and crosses over from enhancement to transformation. I wrote about this in an earlier blog. It is transformation that we should expect when using technology that is, doing things that were impossible to achieve without technology. Through technology we can reach higher grounds that were previously impossible to reach.

LearnPad is a tool that can help you achieve this desired transformation in the way you teach. The tablets in the classroom will be connected together to give the teacher an easier way to control them all from one worktop. LearnPad can also deliver content really easily in a different way. They also answer a couple of questions that we came across during the pilot project mainly about security and how learners can share and collaborate together. The tablets are ready for class and can do just that. They have a security system that will help teachers and students see their tablet as an educational tool rather than a digital toy. LearnPad offers a lockdown and customisable user interface which allows you to define which activity your learners can access in order to maintain their focus on a particular task. The learners are going to have an easy way to share their work, collaborate and learn from each other. As a class teacher, you are going to find that the tablet can free up more of your time so that you can support your learners and make it easier for you to capture what is happening in the classroom.

The guiding principle behind my discussions with the people from LearnPad while concluding the training sessions is to simplify technology for the teacher and the students. Technology must be as transparent as possible because your main concern should be teaching.


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