A hyperlink in the road part 3


“Students learned how to change their world and care for each other.” Year 7 teacher.

We must embolden our efforts in support of those who have started down the less trodden path and who were bold enough to click the hyperlink. We (SMT, EOs etc…) must support those who have taken the first tentative steps towards genuine transformation of the experiences their students can now have. These are the teachers who are not relying on the journeys they have taken in the past. These are the teachers who have already realised that there is so much more to be gained by looking ahead instead and trying out new ideas thus empowering their learners to go so much further in their life’s journey. Examples of following what engages learners, instead of a set GPS, can be found in our schools already. One such example is the use of gaming, particularly the use of Minecraft with some of the more challenging learners in our school. Let us all encourage and support teachers who are not afraid of the dreaded synthetic GPS voice, “recalculating” when a wrong path is taken. There is so much to be gained and only possible for our young learners if we embrace technology.


Photo Kevin Jarrett https://www.flickr.com/people/kjarrett/


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